Caring Cattery

87600 Rochechouart

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We charge for the day of arrival, but not for the day of collection providing your cat is collected before 12h.



                      8 euros each day (or part of) for 1 cat

                    14 euros each day (or part of) for 2 cats ) the same family,

                    20 euros each day (or part of) for 3 cats ) sharing a unit(s)


Minimum charge 20 euros

Please note that we only accept payment by cheque or cash.


Each guest must have an up to date vaccination card, confirming treatment against,

                      CR     (Calcivirus / Coryza, Rhinotracheitis)

      P     (Panleukopenia / Typhus)  

                                                &  L     (Leukemia / Leucose)

The Vaccination Card must remain at the cattery during its stay.



Each guest must be treated against fleas and worms.  If a guest is found to have any of these symptoms they will be treated, and the owner will be charged for the treatment.  

Should your cat require medical attention while staying with us, we will refer them to our local Vets, (only 5mins from the cattery) there will be an additional charge of 10€  and the vets charges will be the responsibility of the cats owner.


The cost of any additional food bought for your cat will be the owners responsibility.




Siret No.49412501600019