Caring Cattery

87600 Rochechouart

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The Executive


The cattery has 15 bright, spacious units which are individual or can be opened up for the larger family. Only cats from the same family can share.  Each of the units have tiled floors, three shelves (of different heights), bedding (covered pillow and blanket), scratch pole, covered litter tray (litter included) food and water bowls, toys for the young ones and ramps for the elderly, anything to make their stay more enjoyable.


Twelve of the units have an individual adjoining outside area, overlooking the countryside. So during the daytime your cat is able to wander in or out as freely as it wants and be completely safe.


I check on each cat many times throughout the day and each one is given individual attention. I talk to them, caress and groom them. A radio is also left on during the day so they don't feel alone when I am not there.


Units and litter trays are disinfected between stays but while guests are resident they are cleaned twice each day, more often for our untidy guests.  Usually they are fed between 8h-9h and again 18h-19h. but for the young and elderly more often.  Friskies dry food is included in the price, but you are quite welcome to bring your cats' own food, with feeding instructions.  Fresh water is always available. Individual needs are catered for.  Medication is given with signed authorization form from the owner and verification from the vet.


During the night, they are all shut inside, the radio is turned off, so they can settle down quietly and sleep.


There are three radiators in total, so in the colder nights (or sometimes days) they are turned on which heats up all of the cattery.  For the elderly cats during the daytime, heated pads are available.

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